What is Normal Life Anyway?


     We went to Football Camp.  The boys thought it was AWESOME…  for about 30 minutes.  Then the next 3 hours they begged to leave.  So, we tried.  Looks like football isn’t going to be their “thing”.








     We’ve been to the swimming pool a couple of times already.  Got a little pink today.  I’ve got to do the sunscreen every hour!  The boys really enjoy it, accept for the occasional splash directly in the face…





     We’ve taken one summer trip to Guh/Umpa’s house in Colorado already.  Mostly just hung around and played at the house.  Found a park to visit, went for a walk, knit, played in the playroom.  Next visit is next week and all the swimming pools down there will be open!!

     Then next Friday we’re going to head up to the mountains for Father’s Day!  My folks are keeping the boys and Scott and I are going atv-ing!  Can’t wait!

     The boys also began their summer reading challenge with Mrs. Meyer.  (she was Scotty’s second grade teacher and he loves visiting her, at her home.)

     Also signed us up for the summer reading program at the library and we can have lunch with a bunch of kids every Tuesday with that group.  Should be fun.  The kids get prizes for reading.  It’s a good, little program.

     And one final note…  I’m happy to announce that I currently have 32 tomatoes on the vines!  Woo hoo!  (and that’s after 4 hail storms!)


One thought on “What is Normal Life Anyway?

  1. I want to come live at your house for the summer with all the fun you are having! I do hope the boys can find another sport they enjoy – or another activity – it doesn\’t all have to be about sports 🙂 Have a great trip to Colorado!

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