Gardening Fans

     These tomato pictures are from last summer.  We barely have flowers on our tomato plants this year so far…

      But even a couple weeks ago, when I was planting the garden, I had little fuzzy shadows, watching my every move. 












     This tiny girl goes out with me everyday, stands up on her back feet and inspects the tomato plants.  She KNOWS what’s going on and she can’t wait for tomatoes!







     This year, we have a few early strawberries!  This is the third year for these plants, and I almost pulled and trashed them because they’ve done NOTHING the last 2 summers.  And I still don’t know that we’ll have enough berries to fill a cereal bowl…  We’ll see…

     But you see who got the first strawberry?  I might find out that she’s a fan of homegrown tomatoes later this summer, but right now she’s definitely a strawberry girl!


2 thoughts on “Gardening Fans

  1. Teaching her to eat them before we do???? I think I\’m gonna start picking them myself… uuuhh the dogs must have gotten them honey… 😉

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