Raising Boys

     I decided to clean Scotty’s room today.  I know he HATES dusting that bookshelf, so I decided to do it for him today.  He’s a little pack rat already and has way too much stuff, so it IS a pain in the butt to dust his room.

     He hadn’t done a great job on his bed today, reverting back to the old way of just pulling the quilt up and over the balled up blankets and sheets.  It’s truly a lovely look…  NOT!  So each day that the boys don’t make their beds correctly, they lose 1 dollar of the weekly allowance.  Scotty lost a dollar today.  (I’ve re-made his bed in this shot.)  He sleeps on the bottom bunk. 

     There was so much shit on his little desk, mostly extra stuff that he’s brought home from school the last few days because they’re wrapping it up for the year.  I fixed that.

     But I’m not going to put up with blatant disrespect.  I told him to fold a pair of pants, “nice and neat, Bee, and put them on your bed.”  He had responded with, “I hate to fold things.”  To which I told him to get over it, “it has to be done.” 

     When I got in his room this morning, the pants were wadded up in a ball at the foot of his bed…  So I pulled out 7 more pairs of pants from his drawer and unfolded them and put them in a pile in the middle of his floor.  He’ll be folding them and putting them up when he gets home from school.  (My Dad taught me this trick.)

     And as for Will, don’t think for a minute that he’s a perfect child.  This morning his bathroom looks like he’s been doing target practice.  I won’t make you look at pictures of that one.  So he’ll be scrubbing his entire bathroom when he gets home this afternoon.

     I’m not pretending to know how to raise boys.  Even after 9 years of having boys, I’m completely blown away almost daily at how they operate.  I’m just doing the best I can…

     Tomorrow’s the last day of school before summer break.  Wish me luck with full time boys at home again.  It always takes a little time to get used to having them home with me again.


2 thoughts on “Raising Boys

  1. I don\’t know how parents do it, honestly. I look back at how I misbehaved as a child/teenager and wonder why my parents let me live!

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