A Week in the Life 2010 – Part One

     Absolutely room for another week, possibly in 2012, in this same book!  Love this little book by We Are Memory Keepers.  And there’ll definitely be more of this project in my future!

     It’s fun to have it completed, but it’ll be AWESOME to look at it in a couple of years and see how our lives have changed.  Changes come quickly in this life and sometimes we don’t even notice.  I’ve recorded some of our changes in these books and I hope my kids will cherish them.












      Title page.  I had to improvise a lot on the design.  I wanted my book to look as much like Ali’s as possible, but I don’t have access to her Photoshop knowledge and I currently don’t have a color printer.  So I did the best with what I DO have and I’m very happy with the outcome.






     Day 1.  I’m never convinced on my choices for patterned paper.  I always think someone else’s choices are better. (especially Ali’s)  Again, I did the best with what I have.  AND living in TinyTown in the middle of nowhere, I don’t have access to a scrapbook store.

     I tell you what though:  in June, when we go through Des Moines, I’m going to Archiver’s if it kills me!  Might even spend a bunch of money there.  (wow, just the thought of that makes my heart race…woo hoo!)


   I didn’t collect much stuff this time.  And frankly, I think the book is less interesting because of this fact.  I won’t make that mistake again. 









      I do better with the journaling when I have a little more guidance.  Maybe I should have stuck with the original design in regards to the journaling.  (we had specific categories to keep track of.)  Left on my own, I find that my record keeping isn’t as thorough as I would have liked…






     So proud of myself for sticking with it and learning a few new tricks on Photoshop.  I found lots of helpful tutorials on the internet and Scott was sweet enough to buy me a new version.

     It really has inspired me to look into it further when I get my new camera later this year…  Maybe even…  wait, wait,  take a class!  (then again, maybe not…)  Sure was fun when I finally got the hang of it.



     My main, big photo for day 2 is actually a collage of three separate pictures. When I unloaded my camera this day, watching the whole process of the boys leaving the car and walking across the playground and then finally, turning to wave goodbye…  all on film, it made me smile and I knew that it had to be an integral part of this day’s documentation!




     Got the whole saying-goodbye-for-the-day ritual on film!  Kissing and waving…  I sure missed this the few months that I was working last fall.  (Daddy had to take the boys to school then.)








     This is the first time I’ve used the baseball card page protectors too.  I’ve always thought they looked pretty cool and I’m finally getting to play with them too!









     Collage page.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of Cub Scouts, because it is a LARGE part of our lives now and has been for a couple years. 

     I’m trying to think of something I can do with all the scout stuff I’m accumulating:  pins, cards, pictures, books, neckerchiefs, slides…  If anyone has any cool ideas, please let me know.




     This is the third time I’ve done A Week in the Life and the first time that I’ve been in the pictures!  I’m still pretty picky about photos of myself and it’s almost painful to see myself on film, but I’m there and I just kept telling myself that my kids will love having this and seeing their mother young, years from now.  Let’s face it, I look like I look.  Better or worse, it’s me and my kids love me.  (sounds healthy, huh?)



      I’m glad I thought to do this.  I have a pretty specific routine with my boys.  In the mornings, on school days, I have it down to a science almost.  Undoubtedly it will change significantly over the next couple of years, as they get older.  I’m glad I thought to jot it all down.

     On the reverse side, I documented the routine of getting home from school and putting things away and doing homework and afterschool snacks and all the stuff that goes along with that.


     Lots of pictures this particular day of what I do at home everyday.   










     In reality the boys spend time EVERY SINGLE DAY in their playroom.  That’s where all their toys are and their video game machines.  I only thought to take a picture of it this day.  I guess I wouldn’t have chosen to include it on everyday, but maybe I’ll go back and adjust the journaling to be a little more accurate…  They both fancy themselves video game experts.

     Also recorded the cost of gasoline here.  Just thought it would be fun to see it years from now.  I know it would be great for me to see a picture of when it was a nickel a gallon, like my Dad tells me…


     Oops, repeated the dinner picture.  And when I got my photos back from www.scrapbookpictures.com , I realized that I had duplicated several pictures in my collages.  Oh well, so be it.  Just another real piece of everyday life, huh?  Mommy being a little ditzy…





So, this is the first half of the week.  Lots of work went into this album.  Honestly, though, it’s a lot less time consuming a project now than when I’ve done it before.  I’ve done it, so I know what to expect.  I know what I’m looking for.  But the hybrid scrapbooking and the digital elements and being heavily dependent on just pictures and words makes it move right along when putting it all together.  I love the look of my first two books, with their beautiful little canvases and lots of artsy stuff, more embellishing.  But I love the look of this straight forward (all Ali Edwards) design too.  They’re all very special to me.

I’m so thankful for Ali sharing the whole thing with us and for myself actually doing it.  If you’d like to check out my favorite life artist, you can visit her blog at:  http://www.aliedwards.com/ 


One thought on “A Week in the Life 2010 – Part One

  1. COMPLETELY AWESOME! You did a great job! I think it\’d be super fun to do this project, especially now that I just got a Canon Rebel XS. I may have to just do it to keep up on the Mom of the Year contest you seem to be winning!Belinda

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