My Favorite Shot (out of the 167 that I took yesterday)

     Scotty and his whole class had a ball at the Children’s Museum yesterday!  It was so much fun for me to watch this child, a child that I thought was very shy around others, maybe even introverted and to see for myself that HE’S NOT!  He was funny and silly and very outgoing.  He wasn’t self conscious at all.  He was positively an extrovert and had a ball with all his friends.  It was awesome.

     I love his expression in this shot.  It’s an expression that I see in the mirror frequently.  It’s a humble expression.  I know exactly what that face means.  It makes me want to hug him RIGHT NOW!

     He’ll be 8 years old next Monday.  He’ll be in the third grade this fall.  (one of the big kids at North Elementary).  He’s been bigger, heavier, taller than Will for a very long time now.  So why do I still think of him as the little one?

     He’s a beautiful kid, inside and out.  He’s got a good heart.  He’s just got to learn to follow it.

     I love you, Bee!


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