Getting Ready for Summer

     Had to have a new umbrella this year…  The Nebraska wind claimed the old one last summer…  And new chairs for the table, because the hot Nebraska sunshine claimed the wicker on the old ones. 

     But look at that sky!  And the grass is turning green and I’m so happy about that fact, that I don’t mind that we have more dandelions than anyone in the neighborhood.  I’ve decided to embrace them.  After all, my Mom refers to them as Colorado wild flowers!

     Finished staining the deck and it looks awesome.  Got a little more work to do on the skirting.  The boys still have quite a bit of work to do on the swing set. 






     However, as this day was coming to an end and the cool, cool breeze made itself at home again, it was clear that it is not yet summer…


     Soon, though.  Very soon.


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