A Week in the Life, Sunday – the final day

     Sunday morning, before coffee, before hair, before make-up…  scary, huh?








     Two days in a row.  I won the jackpot.  He cooked again!  This time pancakes.  (I ate yogurt…  pancakes don’t like me.)  The boys loved it.












      Told you…  they look yummy, huh?













     Quick trip for some groceries.














     With the backseat full of groceries, Dood gets to ride in the front with us.











     Didn’t seem to bother Scotty too much…  Crazy nut runs in the family…










     I never really thought I’d have a need to buy big girl panties…  but I did.  And these all have little doggies on them. Can you guess for whom they were purchased?







     My poor, humiliated girl…  She got her first heat and she was so out of sorts…  She acts a little better now that we’ve figured out what’s going on.  A little extra gentle playing and exercise outside, lots of ice cubes to play with and chomp on and big girl panties with a sanitary pad inside and she’s almost acting normal…

     Gotta decide soon if/when there’s going to be surgery…









     Getting ham and bean soup ready to go into the slow cooker, ‘cause Scott has renovation plans for me, in the back yard the rest of the afternoon…








     Just a pretty corner of the kitchen with Earth day flowers and seedlings, and Mommy’s tulips and Daddy’s oranges…











     Sunday afternoon was really nice, but eventually the sun went behind some clouds and a cold front came through.  Bummer, it froze last night and I think my tulips are history…






     So my assignment was to paint any part of the deck that I could reach without bending and hurting my bum knee.











     We got it mostly done.  Had to put up skirting to keep monster out of the dirt underneath…  If anyone has any ideas how to keep her out of the barrels (where I’m hoping to put tomatoes) please chime in.






     Hanging out with the girl, in the early evening.













     Reading a little.  Then Scott and I decided to rent Zombieland and I’m just going to say one thing:  YUCK!











     Dinner.  And my Week in the Life documenting is done.


     Ali has started putting it all together on her blog this week.  I’ve decided to wait and see what she does before I even order my prints.  She’s posting Photoshop tutorials, and making suggestions and encouraging us.  She’s really an awesome teacher.  If you’d like to check it out, here’s her blog:  http://www.aliedwards.com/ . It’s always a very good read!


3 thoughts on “A Week in the Life, Sunday – the final day

  1. I didn\’t leave a comment on any other day but today but I did look at all the pictures & read through all the notes! I have to say I really have enjoyed watching this project – the good moments & the bad (i.e. the car ride to Pizza Hut). I can see how this would be a great project to look back upon in a year or few to see what a normal week was like. Thank you for sharing this project with us & I look forward to seeing how you scrapbook this!

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