A Week in the Life – Friday

     Is there anything better than your first cup of coffee?









     There was no school today, so the boys are home and loving life today!  Bee’s watching the garbage truck pick up our trash and Dood is playing with his DS.








      Finally got some shots of my normal stuff WITH ME IN THEM… 










     In my office where I do all kinds of things, fun and not so much.









      Fixing the hair and putting on the face.









     Mommy breakfast.













      Found on my desk and I know I wasn’t playing with them…










     All 5 babies in one shot!  (Scott’s going to let me have it for calling the boys babies…)  No, Scotty wasn’t torturing Boo.  They were playing and she was loving it as much as he was…  She LOVES her boys.












     I had promised the boys lunch at Pizza Hut.  So when it was time to leave, they hurried and got their jackets on and ran outside to the car.  When I got my jacket on and went to join them outside, this is what I found:  dead boys!  But…  the one on the right must have died happy, cause he has a smile on his face…





     Then after we got in the car, We had a disagreement about something…  hence the expression on our faces…  (I kinda thought it was a funny shot when I first saw it…  not sure how it’s going to fit into my album yet, though.)








     Finally!  Dood’s been waiting for more than a week to have dessert pizza at Pizza Hut!










     I has a salad and the toppings off of three pieces of chicken pizza.  It was yummy!










     Our tulips are probably at their peak now.  They’re so beautiful that I want to take pictures every time I walk past them.













     Finally got around to doing a craft that was in their Christmas stockings.  Little stained glass, sun catchers.  They were a lot more tedious than I thought and I was proud of the boys for sticking with it.












     Bee even had to start over twice, having lifted the frame and spilled all the colored beads.  That’s when we broke out the chocolate.













     The boys picked flowers in the backyard and brought them to me along with big kisses.  Gotta love that!













     Boo thinks little boys are weird.










     But she loves them for playing ball with her!














      I can’t believe how big they are.  I didn’t really realize how tall they’d gotten ‘til I saw this shot.  It’s not going to be long and they’re going to be eye to eye with me…  and then…  oh God, I can’t even think about that yet!







     This shot epitomizes the whole idea of “we LIVE in our house.”  Years ago Scott and I had a misunderstanding with extended family.  They were visiting and staying in our home.  We’ve always taken our shoes off in the house and asked them to do the same while staying with us.  When we had to remind the children for the 1000th time, they told us, “Sorry, we LIVE in our house.”  It was an unnecessary jab, and has become a joke for us…

     Fits this picture though.  Cause we do indeed LIVE in our house these days, having relaxed quite a bit on rules.  You have to relax with too young kids and three dogs…







     Will’s sun catcher.











     Bee’s sun catcher.









     I’m getting a new kitchen blind!













      Babysitters are here!  We’re going to see The Bounty Hunter with Gerard!












     After the movie we went and got a drink to warm up and hang out together!  It was nice.


     Fun day, all day long.


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