Week in the Life – Thursday

     Today’s Earth Day.  We didn’t do much to celebrate, but we did listen to Earth Songs by John Denver.









      I picked up my new bi-focals and LOVE them.  I can see again!  It’s like when I got my first pair of glasses, at the age of 15 and I could see individual leaves on trees, for the first time.  (yes, for the record, I’m too young to have bi-focals, dammit!)  Not really…






     Spent a lot of time here yesterday, researching cameras and photo printers and general “getting my shit together” activities.










     Made doggy lunch around 11:30.  This started out as another way to save money, making our dog food, but turns out making dog food isn’t cheaper.  So now I do it because the health argument won me over.  If you follow good, sound, nutritional guidelines for doggy dietary requirements, it’s just better for them.  Some of my buddies on a goldendoodle website that I visit regularly, joke that our dogs eat better than we do.  (I’m pretty sure it’s true.)







     It rained here ALL day!  (supposed to rain all day today again too…)  So KC hung out in the basement, under Will’s bed a lot of the day.  But Boo is fearless, she played in the rain every chance she got!











     Drank lots of coffee on this cold, wet day.  Still with a spoonful of sugar and sugar free Hazelnut creamer.  See the red box next to the coffeemaker?  My honey built a water spout to make it easier to fill the coffeemaker.  THAT’S how much coffee we drink!  It IS a pisser when you get distracted while re-filling the coffeemaker, though… lol










      He came home for lunch when I thought he had a work lunch scheduled.  He was a little bit later than normal, so I hadn’t planned a meal.  He didn’t fuss at all, just made his own lunch and visited with me.  I love that man! 






     I LOVE this careless shot of Boo and me.  Just grabbed the camera, without hope of getting anything I’d really use.  And granted, the lighting isn’t great and the focus is messed up, but I love her little nose up in the air and her little mouth showing, just like when Snoopy does his happy dance…  And I LOVE that you can clearly see how the color of her face is changing so dramatically.  She’s going to be a GOLDENdoodle before we know it!










     I want to send a thank you note to the former owners of our house.  We have tulips!  I love them!









     A quick trip to the little, local supermarket on the way to school to pick up boys.









     Scott rented The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock.  I didn’t think it sounded very interesting, but I really liked it a lot.  I had to return it today.  Thank God for Redbox, otherwise we wouldn’t have anywhere to rent movies here in Tinytown.











     The boys were uncharacteristically happy this afternoon…  Love it when that happens.










     This one, however, has decided to get a little camera shy.  Not really worried about what he looks like on film, he just likes the control and drama of refusing to get in the frame…  I wonder what was on his upper lip in this shot…  no, he doesn’t have facial hair yet…  He takes after my indian-ish side of the family, so I’m sure he’ll be able to grow a mustache long before the fair, blonde, blue-eyed kid will…  Scott says he was 30 before he could grow a decent mustache… 








     More rain…  I refuse to let it affect me negatively! 









      Fixing dinner:  a mac and cheese recipe that I found on Ali’s blog.  She said it was the best she’d ever eaten and I agree, it was pretty darn good.  Even the boys liked it and they are Kraft boys.








     Here it is.  It has a couple unusual ingredients, which is another reason I wanted to try it.  It has sour cream, cottage cheese, bread crumbs and paprika…  It’s good!










     After school snacks.









     Aftermath of cooking dinner.  So worth it, though.










     Dinner!  Ham and mac and cheese.  It was yummy!  I hate using a full size dinner plate for myself…  I need the illusion of eating an adult portion, so I usually use a smaller plate…









      Went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid last night.  I managed not to fall asleep.  The boys liked it.  That’s the real reason I went.  I think Scott just enjoys going to the movies, doesn’t have to be something he’s interested in seeing…  I splurged and had a Diet Coke and it was AWESOME!

     Still didn’t get pictures of our evening routine.  Need to still do that.  I’m also typing up step-by-step morning and afternoon routines.  I look back on previous albums and the routines included diapers and formula and preschool and they’re so much fun to read and remember.  Now the routine includes homework and lunchboxes and backpacks…  I’ll work on that today.

     The boys are out of school today and I’ve promised them lunch at Pizza Hut.  I have a couple artsy/crafty projects for them, but it looks, sadly, like we’re going to be stuck inside all day because of the weather.  I sure hope it lets up this weekend.  My man had plans for working at home on special, fun projects – but not if it’s still raining…  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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