A Week in the Life, Day 3

     Morning coffee with my honey.














     Here I’m documenting an errand, but also taking note of gas prices, which it might be fun to know, say, 10 years from now…













     Went grocery shopping.














     Yep, I make our bed and re-make the boys’ beds everyday…










      Edward and I checking email and making phone calls.











     My calendar.














     Lunch today was NOT a salad!













     Picking up boys at school.














      I keep a little stack of kids’ books in the kitchen, in hopes that we’ll remember to read them…  Hasn’t worked so well, though…  The flower pot is full of marigold seedlings that Bee is working on.












     Terrible shot, but documenting trying to break Boo from jumping up on the counters and kissing her as I put her down…









     Where the boys are.










     Dinner, just the boys and me.  Daddy had a business dinner.  It was the boys’ request, which turned out to be spaghetti and meatballs—what a shock.








     Tucking in boys.  Boo likes to kiss her boys night-night too.










     Tucking in the last boy, before sitting down and watching a movie with my honey and then drifting off.


     Wish I’d thought to get pictures of Scott and me, hanging out in the evening…  Maybe later this week.


     There you go.  Day 3 is done and I’m still super excited about the whole process!




One thought on “A Week in the Life, Day 3

  1. I\’m glad you\’re enjoying your "week in the life" becasue I\’m enjoying following it.You look fan-freaking-tastic!!!! you don\’t post many full shots of you.

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