Some Shots From Tuesday

     First thing in the morning, lots of coffee.














     Boys, waving goodbye, after dropping them off for school.










     Very common lunch for me these days…  I’m a creature of habit.














       Freshly baked peanut butter doggy cookies, in Jo’s cookie jar.  (Yes it says “Bank” on it.  That was one of her nicknames.)  Jo was my first poodle puppy, my first baby.  She passed away in July of 2006.












     Mopping and vacuuming:  daily chores when one of your baby dogs is a goldendoodle…  (she’s totally worth it!)













     A failed attempt at healthy snacks for the boys:  banana walnut chocolate chips muffins.  Bee liked them a little (enough to eat one, but he didn’t want any more.)  And Dood wouldn’t even finish one…  Oh well, on to the next idea.







     Springtime and my favorite maple is starting to come back.













     Do you get the feeling she was – I dunno – tired and maybe hot?  We had just played ball for 1/2 an hour.  She LOVES ball!









      Dropped the boys off at Cub Scouts…














     Then we joined some of Scott’s work friends for dinner and a drink at Campbell’s.  It was nice.


     I’m having a great time documenting everything.  My family is putting up with it…  It’s all good.


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