Some of my Monday, Week in the Life pictures and stuff

     Even got my camera-shy self in this shot.  I was mostly trying to get the boys eating breakfast, though.














     Love this one of my honey and my monster.  (see if you can figure out who’s the honey and who’s the monster…  lol)













     Best I could do while driving.  That’s about as much of me as I like to look at anyway…  lol









     Dood, signing the wall at the orthodontist’s office.  The signature wall is reserved for people getting their braces off!  He was so happy to sign!














     Wow, that boy has pretty teeth!











     Our lunch at Applebee’s and my cute lunch date.














     My cute little car, waiting on Bee to get out of school.











      Very exciting news:  no school on Friday!













     Picking up Bee at School and walking back to the car…












     tooshy, looking like the world’s cutest, as usual…











     doing homework…  (and not whining, it’s a miracle!)









     The boys’ backpacks and school stuff…  a big part of our afterschool routine, going through all this stuff everyday.















     I’m not sure if I’ll get a picture of my friend, Rupa this week, but I got a picture of the birthday cake she brought over to share with us!  (an excellent opportunity to mention a very sweet friend.  She brings us cake on HER birthday!)


     Also sat down at the end of the day to reflect on what I wanted to journal about:  gratitudes, clothing, things I overheard my boys talking about…  Fun, fun day!



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