Dood, You Amaze Me!

     Yes, I know how to spell Dude.  His nickname is Doodle and for a couple of years now, I’ve called him “Dood” in an attempt to make it sound more grown up.  He likes it.

     Just been thinking about this young man a lot lately.  He’s been suddenly seeming more mature lately and it makes me happy and proud and sad all at the same time.









     So, the other night, during dinner, Will decided to open up and share something very personal with us.  He announced that he really DOES like girls AND he has for quite some time now.  He turned every shade of red during his confession to us and then admitted, “I even dream about girls sometimes.”

     He was so silly and embarrassed.  He wasn’t completely out of his comfort zone, but he wasn’t totally at peace discussing it either.

     We reassured him that we were very happy about his news and that it was completely normal and cool.  (and we wholeheartedly approve of the girl he’s chosen to call his girlfriend!)






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