Simple, Fun and Really Perfect Easter

     Easter celebrating started out like this, yesterday afternoon.  They look miserable, don’t they?  We were getting ready to dye eggs.  It’s kind-of art and Scotty loves art…  Will just likes making a mess.







     I like the results!  The boys get all bent out of shape if we eat them all right away, though.  So we could only make deviled eggs out of half of them today…












     Then this morning, we hunted eggs right away.  They were filled with mini Reese’s peanut butter cups (Will’s new favorite candy) and jelly beans.  They had a ball.  As long as they enjoy it, I’ll do it!








     Then we did Easter baskets and bunnies and chocolate.










     Had Easter dinner at lunchtime this year.  My Mom has always had the main holiday meal in the middle of the day, so I decided to try it. 

     I’m so happy that we remembered to address the real meaning of Easter too.  I know we’ve done it before, because it was all familiar to the boys.  It made me very happy.  Scott even used my childhood Bible, that my folks gave me when I was a tiny girl. 

     I love this shot of my sweet husband and my little boys and my big girl puppy.  All of us together on this special day!

     And as you could guess, I was so excited about dessert.  I had found a recipe that I thought the boys would think awesome and it would be yummy for the grown-ups too.  It lived up to all my expectations.  Everyone loved it and it may be our new Easter tradition.

     So the boys went out and played with Boo for an hour and played with sidewalk chalk that the bunny brought.  (they’re on restriction for a week from video games, which, in my opinion, is FANTASTIC!  I love that they’re finding other things to do!)  Daddy’s playing video games.  In between cooking and cleaning up, I’ve been knitting and playing online.  It’s just a really nice day at home together.



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