Miscellaneous Spring Stuff…

      Isn’t this guy adorable?  This is the first birthday present for Scotty to arrive and be hidden in our closet.  I have to shop early if there are specific things he wants, since we live in the Boonies and it can take some time to get it here…

     His birthday isn’t until May, but being as spend conscious as I’ve been lately, I figured I could start early and maybe fit it into my budget.  (this is SO unlike me.  I was a wait-till-the-last-minute-and- charge-it-girl until just recently.)

     This little guy is called a Pillow Pet.  Scotty’s been seeing it advertised on television for some time and has been telling me that he would like to have one.





     I like him like this.  He unfolds  into a pretty decent sized pillow.  I hope Bee likes it.  I think he will.  He’s really into cuddly stuff.









     Already got Easter taken care of for our boys.  9 out of 10 times, it’s too cold and wet for us to do anything outdoors on Easter. 

     When we lived in Iowa, our Easter tradition was dinner at The Olive Garden.  All four of us would dress up and I’d take a thousand pictures and we’d head off for Italian food.  It was fun.  I guess I’ll probably try to do traditional Easter stuff at home this year.   The boys still LOVE dying eggs, so of course, we’ll do that.  (I wonder when they’ll outgrow that.)

     I may get a lot of time to read tomorrow…   It was 70 degrees yesterday, 65 today and we’re under a Winter Storm Warning tonight and tomorrow and they’re calling for 8-12 inches of snow.  I love Springtime!

     I got sidetracked from this book series several months ago, by the lure of a good vampire romance.  Now I’m coming back to Outlander.  Book 2 was so slow that it hampered my enthusiasm.  But book 3 is proving to be VERY good.  (Even Boo likes it, as you can tell from the upper right corner, where she has tried to eat it…) 

     I’m dying to knit right now too.  My mother really seems to be enjoying knitting right now.  She’s talking about it a lot and it’s really contagious!  The weekend’s coming up and if we’re snowed in, there’ll be plenty of time to read and knit!


One thought on “Miscellaneous Spring Stuff…

  1. Good for your for shopping ahead! It is quite a shift but I find I don\’t feel as pressured to find the perfect gift since I\’ve given myself a lot of extra time. The pillow is just adorable – it makes me want one but my dogs would chew on it constantly!

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