It Was Totally Out of My Comfort Zone

     I was asked (weeks ago) to re-string a broken necklace for my cousin’s little boy…  It was an intimidating project to me, but since Debbie has never asked me for anything, I really wanted to do this for them.  I figured if all else fails, I’ll pay someone to do it for me.

     So I called our local craft store.  They didn’t know anyone who could help me.  I tried to enlist the help of a couple friends, but crap, turns out they have their own busy lives to deal with…  hmmm, what now?  One of the before mentioned friends suggested I look for a tutorial on the internet.  Why didn’t that occur to me?  Sometimes I just feel so…  DUH!





     Turns out there are a bazillion great beaded jewelry tutorials on Youtube.  So I got busy.  I’m not sure I’m too confident in the method used on Daniel’s necklace.  It’s made on fishing line and just knotted underneath the clasp…  doesn’t look very durable to me…  It’s how the necklace was originally made, so I stuck with it.  I’ve told my cousin if it comes apart again, I’d like to re-string it for him on a different material with a different clasp, that I think will be a lot less fragile.  We’ll see how it goes.

     Then, I was on to re-stringing my “baby bracelet”.  This piece of jewelry is very sentimental to me.  Scott bought it for me when the boys were babies.  We had it made at a beading store in our local mall in West Des Moines.  (cause I didn’t know how to make jewelry back then either, even though lots of my scrapbooking buddies did…)  It’s been restrung at least 4 times that I can remember, having made it longer to accommodate weight gain and smaller to accommodate weight loss now…  (I’m giddy at having to make it smaller.)  Well the last time I restrung it, I used the wrong kind of wire and last time I wore it, the wire broke.

     Turns out the right kind of wire is kinda expensive, but the peace of mind I have that it won’t break again, is worth it.  And I’m kinda proud of myself.  I made it smaller and restrung it ALL BY MYSELF. (with help from Youtube.)

     The colors on each strand represent that boy’s birthstone.  I still love this bracelet.




     And now it’s good as new.  Thanks, honey, for loaning me some of your tools!


One thought on “It Was Totally Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. I\’m so glad you could save such a great piece of family jewelry! The internet is such a wonderful place – it amazes me how much is really out there!

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