I’m on Strike

     One day last week, when I didn’t cook dinner and the next meal was late, my sweet husband looked at me and asked, “Are you on strike or something?”  I thought it was funny and no, I wasn’t on strike or something.  I had just been really tired and SO not in the mood to cook and then the next day I was just a little late getting dinner started…  Poor guy thought I was going to make him go hungry, I guess. 

     The reason I bring this up now is that I did find the perfect opportunity yesterday to go on strike.  Scott’s out-of-town on a business trip and our little boys love pb&j (so no cooking necessary) and I wanted to do something fun.   I stopped myself several times, during the day, when I started thinking about laundry and cooking and grocery shopping.  Instead I sat myself down and played.



     Here’s the first one. Just love his blue eyes.  When I showed this layout to Will, he thought it was very silly.  Guh and I are always telling him how handsome his blue eyes are:  just like Daddy!  This shot really doesn’t do them justice, but I thought it was adorable anyway.






     Did a couple Christmas layouts, which felt kinda cathartic to me.  Christmas of 2009 won’t be remembered as one of my favorite.  I was working for a tyrant and hating every minute of it.   I was working at the preschool and not enjoying it.  The experience colored every other aspect of my life for the three months that I was there.  I still miss my preschool kids and working/playing with them, but then all I have to do is think about the abuse I endured while working there and I feel just fine about having left.

     Another Christmas one.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to read the journaling, but it’s about how as our kids get bigger, the gifts they want seem to get smaller.  No more bikes and big toys, but more video games and electronic things…  It didn’t look like there was much under our tree last Christmas, but there was enough.





     So glad I finally thought to document our “Christmas Crow.”  This silly little scarecrow has been so named since Will was old enough to make a connection about holiday decorating.  (not a correct connection, but a connection anyway.  I think he was 2 1/2-3 years old.)  I bought this scarecrow to hang outside our new house in Loveland, Colorado, back in 2001.  (he was inexpensive and I’m really surprised that he’s lasted this long, especially with the brutal winds we get here in Nebraska.)  And, of course, our boys now know that he’s a scarecrow and I think I’m the only one who still refers to him as the “Christmas Crow.”

     This shot was taken on the first day of school, last Fall.  I took about 30 shots and this is the only one in which the boys are smiling.  Neither one of them were happy to go back this year.  Note to self:  DON’T MAKE SUMMER BREAK SO MUCH FUN ANYMORE.

     Today, my strike is over and I’m catching up on my Mommy stuff.  The laundry’s going, the dog food is in the slow cooker, gotta go to the supermarket in a little bit.  Thing is:  even with all the responsibilities I impose on myself, I LOVE my life.  I love taking care of my home and my family.  I’m thankful every single day that I get to do this.  And…  I think I do it well.  


One thought on “I’m on Strike

  1. The pages are lovely – I love the one of Will\’s eye! I\’m glad you took some time to play – I love seeing your creative projects!

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