Green and Frugal is A Lot of Work!

     I liken it to being a pioneer woman.  I often think of all the work the early western settler women had to do in order to take care of their families and homes:  growing and raising (slaughtering and plucking-YUCK),  canning and preserving, cooking and cleaning.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

     I know, we have it totally easy today, compared to what the pioneers faced…  Just pondering…

     I’ve been trying to NOT buy processed/pre-packaged foods for my family, which means baking and cooking everything from scratch.  Cheaper and healthier, but time-consuming…  Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my new endeavors very much and I’m especially enjoying watching our savings account grow!

       My latest project was freezing the last 2 pumpkins from our garden.  I froze fresh pumpkins a couple years ago, with my friend, Katherine and I remembered it being so easy. 

     About half way into the process I realized that I remember it being easy because last time KATHERINE DID ALL THE WORK!

      I DO remember that it tastes awesome.  (so much better than canned pumpkin) And these two pumpkins came from our garden, so you can’t get much more affordable than that.  But each batch has to bake for an hour and then cool completely before you can puree it…  It took all afternoon.    





     So, a full day later, I have 13 cups of pumpkin puree in my freezer.  Half will probably be used for baked goods and I’ve discovered that Boo loves it too, for doggy dessert!  There’s nothing added:  no cinnamon, no sugar and she LOVES it.  (I know, I’m strange…)











     So, it’s a project that I’m glad is over.  I’ll know next time that I need to devote a whole day to this one.    


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