I’ve been doing some scrapbooking lately.  I’ve been scrapbooking now for nearly 8 years, starting right after Scotty was born.  Before that I never would have considered that I could make something worth looking at…  I had never been even slightly crafty and with no crafting success under my belt, the enthusiasm for it was ZERO.  It just wasn’t my thing… until…

     I had a friend in Iowa who decided to invite me to a Creative Memories party and boy, was I hooked.  And with two babies at home, I had an endless supply of photo possibilities! 

     I’ve attended 4 CKU events over the years and countless classes and workshops.  I still love creating stuff and now that we live in the middle-of-nowhere, I follow some scrapbooker blogs for inspiration.  (My favorite being Ali Edwards.)

     I’m not driven to scrapbook every week anymore, but when I do find the time to sit down with paper and pictures, I have a ball!  (And coincidentally, right now, I have a new baby in the house too!)   

     They aren’t all masterpieces, but they are all special to me and they were all fun to put together and think about.

     Scrapbooking requires a lot more thought than my other hobby, knitting.  I guess I compare it to knitting IF you write your own knitting pattern.  It’s the spark of creativity in scrapbooking that I love. 

     But then sometimes I like a hobby that just keeps my hands busy and that’s when I pick up the knitting needles. (and a pattern that someone has already written for me.) 

     Another reason I haven’t scrapbooked or knit as much as I used to is:  I’ve discovered that I like to read.   Who knew?

     Truthfully, I think, reading all the boring shit that they make you read in Literature class in high school, made me believe that I didn’t enjoy reading.  And for decades I avoided books like the plague, barely able to make myself pick up a magazine now and then.  Now I know it’s the reading material that determines whether you enjoy reading or not.  And if it’s something that interests you, you CAN NOT put it down! 

     So, having introduced reading into my life has been a gift.  And it sets a good example for my boys, who this month, are trying to do the Book It program at school for the first time this school year.  (Book It is a reading incentive program.  If you meet the minimum reading requirement in a month, the school gives you a certificate for a free pizza at Pizza Hut.  Will doesn’t even like pizza and he’s decided to participate!

     And finally, here’s the last two Valentine’s Day cards that I made this year.  The one on the left if for my Mom and Dad, who have a wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day and the one on the right is for my dear, sweet husband. (for whom I’m feeling particularly mushy today, after watching him spend several hours yesterday relocating his television, x-box and sound system upstairs, solely because I suggested it would be great to have him upstairs with me.)  I love you, honey!



2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking

  1. All of your scrapbook pages are just lovely! Reading is something that I\’ve fallen out of since I\’ve taken up knitting. I\’ve tried to change that recently because I do enjoy reading!

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