One Small Change Challenge

I have a list of blogs that I keep up with weekly.  They range from knitting and crafting blogs to Mom advice and homemaking hints to simplifying and going green.  Most recently I found and and love all the creative information on them about going green and saving money, living on a budget and stretching your dollar.

I initially got interested in because I noticed that she and her family live on the Front Range in Colorado, which is my old home and where my extended family all still live.  Not sure how I found out about her One Small Change Challenge, but I did and here’s our contribution:  We’re going paperless in the kitchen.  No more paper towels or paper napkins.  I began making cloth napkins yesterday from my fabric stash.  It took longer than I thought it would, but it was fun and I had all day to play with it, which was the best part.

I’m going to go through my stash again today and see if there’s any more fabric I can use for napkins and make a few more.  I think the trick for me will be to have a bunch of them and to make them easily accessible.















When Bee spotted all that fabric and me with my creative face on, his inner artist came out.  His contribution is napkin rings.  You may ask, “How is this going green?”  He recycled our last paper towel holder to make them!  I love them but I’m thinking I may need solid color napkins to make them really shine!





 I was big into cloth diapers and cloth wipies when the boys were babies, so I don’t know why it never occurred to me to do this before now…  I didn’t mind cloth diapers at all, loved how they looked and felt on my babies.  I didn’t find it to be much more work than regular old disposables.

So, here’s my paper towel alternative.  I’m also happy that I didn’t have to buy anything.  These were cleaning towels that I already owned, but had shoved into the back of the pantry and forgotten about.  Again, the trick for me is to have them ready to use.  Found the basket in the store room and we’re set!  Have to have the spray cleaner, because I’ve grown very fond of antibacterial cleaning, especially with two little ones who seem to have constant colds this time of year…  Ugh.

I think this is going to work and it pleases me to no end, because I’m passionately trying to cut costs right now.  Anything and everything I can think of to maybe…  not have to go back to work.  Wish me luck, this endeavor is very important… for me and my family.  And if you have any other ideas for saving money around the home, please share.  I’d appreciate it.



4 thoughts on “One Small Change Challenge

  1. You\’re NUTS. but pretty napkins and a great idea. I do think that is ingenious yeah. Also, what a pretty shiney big old puppy.Love ya. guh

  2. This is such a fantastic idea! I\’d love to get rid of paper towels too – I might have to take that plunge. I don\’t use them much any more – just for gross things like cleaning up after the dogs when they are sick. Good luck with cost cutting – if I can think of anything I\’ll let you know!

  3. LOVE IT Tina. I have lots of cloth napkins too and I prefer them. I do need some more. For cheap antibac. spray use half water half vinigar. I have an awesome laundry soap recipe that\’s good for HE machines, Very low sudsing and sooo cheap. Actually Vinigar is awesome for lots of things. Dishwasher rince agent (Jet Dry) and fabric softener.

  4. I am way too unmotivated to do this, but is certainly an excellent way to cut costs! I can\’t wait to hear more of your cost-cutting efforts, and I am going to check out those other sites soon.Sincerely, Jenni –

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