These Three Had a Ball!


This is my Mom and Dad's dog, Duke (aka the sweetest Dog in the World), our Boo-berry and Scotty, playing in the backyard this past weekend.

Duke is a three-year-old English Springer Spaniel.  Boo, of course is our 4-month-old Goldendoodle.101_5723  

Scotty has always loved playing outdoors.  I'm so glad he now has an outdoors playing buddy in our Boo!  (Will has always been an indoors kind-of kid.)


The pups had a ball, playing in the snowdrifts, rolling on their backs like puppies, both of them!


Never had a big dog before, but it became obvious, very early on, that she needs this!

Every time I go out there for anything, she excitedly runs circles around me the whole time!

101_5730I could tell that Boo was sad when Duke left to go home.

I wish I could make her understand that she'll see a lot more of him…


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