For me!

101_5662 It's a beautiful, deep, dark red.  A couple different shades of red.  It's soft and warm and lacy and I love it!

My sweet mother in law made it for me for Christmas.  (Thank you again, Sandy!!)

Did I mention that I love it? 

101_5666 I don't get to wear it much right now, because the new puppy likes it as much as I do…  But soon…





101_5670 It's shawl-wearing weather around here, that's for sure!  The high today was 13 degrees.  It's been lightly snowing all day and the wind has been brutal and non-stop.  So glad to be staying home this Christmas day!


2 thoughts on “For me!

  1. Your shalls are beautiful! You’re looking soooo great Tina!!
    I have to ask. How did you end up with out a book?
    Love all your pictures from Christmas.

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