Christmas Eve 2009

101_5535 Started out with boy-requested fried eggs and toast for breakfast.  We were bummed that Daddy had to go to work for part of the day…  (Felt good and right to be home with my boys!)

101_5550 Then, after breakfast, the cooking began.  First up was Mandy's apple crisp.  Man, oh man is it good.  I'll have to take a picture of it with melty vanilla ice cream on it, to share later…  WOW!

101_5560 Next on the list was the boys' favorite:  chocolate chip cookies.  Look at their little faces, seriously getting down to business…  lol

101_5576 They done good!   Mmmm, they were yummy!  And I've been SO dying to use my little plate that I painted in Vail last month!

101_5553 Around 2pm, I started noticing that everywhere I went, I had a fuzzy, black shadow…  But my shadow was acting really tired and trying to sack out and snooze every time I stopped.  Afterall, she probably naps a lot, on a normal day, while the boys are at school and Mommy and Daddy are at work… So she and I decided to take a short break…101_5585

I put her in the condo (her kennel) and sat down with a cup of decaf and a book.  (That's KC passed out on my lap.  And tootsie-pop was snoring on the couch.)  Within a minute, Boo was sawing logs and I enjoyed some peace and quiet.  The boys were playing downstairs, in the playroom and miraculously stayed there the whole time we were trying to relax… 101_5586 

Scott was even bitten by the cooking bug, making a cheesecake when he got home from work.









101_5605 Next up was my favorite, sugar cookies.  Although the apple crisp is really what's calling to me, you're supposed to have sugar cookies at Christmas, right?101_5603

I love this little Christmas plate.  I must admit, it loses a lot of it's appeal when you put food on it, though…  hehehe

101_5602 This is the first year that our boys don't believe in Santa, but we're leaving out the cookies just the same.  And at bedtime, we're all four going to eat them together.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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