I had a very productive Sunday!

101_5462_02 Two thank you cards ready to go:  one for a preschool mom who gave me homemade Mexican bread for Christmas on Friday!  Yummy stuff!  And the other for a co-worker who made an authentic Indian dinner for us Friday night and it was unbelievably yummy also!101_5463_01 

As I was going through all of our unused Christmas stuff yesterday, I ran across this guy.  Grandma made him for us a few years ago.  He's made out of a milk jug.  The boys still love him!





101_5466_01 I was very happy to find this little Christmas tree.  Bee and I made the pom pom garland last year.  He loves having his own little tree, in his bedroom.  (Will has a cute, little ceramic tree on his dresser, in his room this year.  It's the best I could do.  They've always been in the same room before this year…  I think he's happy with his little ceramic tree, though.101_5468)

Love this little votive candle holder.  As if I need an excuse to burn another candle…  Found him as I was searching thru our extra stuff too.

101_5469I love that Bee loves this snowman.  It's a music box and plays Jingle Bells.  He's wound it up several times. 

101_5470_00 I got all these wrapped.  These are the gifts that the boys bought.  They had fun, shopping with Daddy last night.

101_5472_00 All the special Christmas groceries have been purchased.  We're having Mexican chicken casserole and Mandy's apple crisp for Christmas Eve.  Then Scott's famous roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, chocolate cake and Christmas cookies for the actual day.  Sounds awesome, huh?  Hope I'll be able to enjoy it too…  (had a terrible day today, trying to eat.  It's as if, all of a sudden, my band was tightened a bunch…  Had trouble eating everything, even yogurt…  Looking on the bright side, I bet I lost weight today!!!) Oh and yeah, the Oreos on top of the frig are peanut butter, therefore they are in no danger of being eaten by me!   My husband is thoughtful that way, buying pig-out food that he knows I won't want.101_5473_01  

Found this art in the kitchen earlier today.  I was impressed with all that writing because my younger boy did it!!  Not to mention that it's pretty good advice too!

101_5475 I love how our frig looks right now:  all that little- kid, Christmas art makes me happy.  It all has to be at the very top of the frig this year because of monster puppy and her love of eating little-kid, Christmas art…

101_5481_00 I got all the doggie presents wrapped (and out of reach of the monster.)  

101_5483 And the little boy gifts are behind a locked door, in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom closet… I've given up the notion of having the alligator scarf done for Christmas.  It is not going to happen.  He'll get it soon as it's done, sometime in January probably.

Also did 7 loads of laundry, cooked and ate all our meals at home. We've been trying to eat at the table, the whole family together, in order to get the boys into better habits at the table.   It's a challenge, but we're doing it.

So one more full day of school and work for the boys and me.  Off early on Tuesday and then off 'til January 4th.  We can't wait!



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