Tina, What Did You Do On Your Snow Day?

101_5309 We put a big dent in Bee's Book It stack. 

101_5341 We played in the snow!! 

101_5353 Worked on Bee's Christmas Alligator scarf with my new fuzzy knitting buddy.

She looks really small in this shot.  Don't be fooled!  She's 17 weeks old now and weighs 21 lbs.  That would make her three times as big as the other girl…101_5389 

And frankly, no, they don't get along very well.  tootsie pop feels threatened and bites Boo and Boo just loves to fool with tootsie-pop, putting her paw on top of tootsie's head…  If I weren't afraid someone was going to get hurt, it would be funny to watch the two of them "deal" with each other… 

101_5363 Made pb&j for my boys, who were, yes, still in there pajamas at lunch time.  They're having a relatively perfect day today too! 








101_5367 Got some homemade (and previously hidden in the freezer) cookie dough out and baked cookies for my spoiled rotten boys.101_5368

When we took a knitting break, I read some of my current reading obsession…  (ooo, my wedding ring is really pretty in this shot, huh?)

101_5376 Noticed my little Christmas cactus is about to bloom.  Also wanted to show off the red flowerpot cover that my mother-in-law made for us while she was here last week.  I love it.  Thanks, Sandy!101_5347

Now it's 3:20 in the afternoon.  It just started snowing again.  Not really sure, at this point, if we'll even have school tomorrow…  Probably won't know til tomorrow morning.

I'm drinking a hot cup of decaf and I think Boo and I are going to go knit some more.  What a lovely and unexpected gift today has been!  



2 thoughts on “Tina, What Did You Do On Your Snow Day?

  1. Looks like the perfect day and I hope you got to duplicate it today! We are home from work here in Iowa and I think I’ll be wrapping gifts & knitting today!

  2. Love the flower pot cover and the scraf!
    LOVE the book!!!
    Can’t go wrong with coffee, PB&J and cookies.
    Sounds like a great day!
    My Christmas cactus hasn’t flowered since I first got it last year.

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