Settling Back In

101_5130 I had a really wonderful time in Vail.  Spent lots of time knitting and relaxing in front of the fire.

It was wonderful and at the end of it, I was truly looking forward to getting back to everything my regular life offers:  my home, taking care of my family and my pups, working.  Yes, I  was even looking forward to going back to work.  My little preschoolers didn't let me down today either.  There were lots of big hugs and "Where were you, Miss Tina?"101_5138_01 

Got my third pair of Bella mittens done, on the trip.  I gave them to Mandy yesterday, on the way to see New Moon.  She loved them.  I'm so happy I could make them for her.





101_5134 And got started on Scotty's alligator scarf.  I'm actually a few inches into the body now.  I'm still hopeful that I'll have it done in time for Christmas.  Wish me luck. 


Guh is already done with Will's scarf.  I just love this pattern.  I think our boys are going to love it too!



One more crafty thing to share:101_5144_01

We went to a paint-your-own-pottery place while we were on vacation.  The lady who owned the shop introduced me to a new painting technique and this Christmas tree plate is the result.  It was so messy and fun.  You mix the paint 50-50 with water and put a drop of dish washing soap in it and then blow bubbles into the mixture until it overflows all over what you're painting.  I loved the look of this as soon as I saw it.  I can't wait to put Christmas cookies on this plate!

Hoping to put up the Christmas tree this Saturday.  (this will be the latest I've put up our tree in years…)  My mother-in-law will be here by then, coming to help out while Scott is recovering from hiatal hernia surgery, which is scheduled for December 1st.  It's going to be a busy December again this year.  (last December I had my hysterectomy…)

It's going to be busy, but we'll find time to fit in all the good stuff. 


6 thoughts on “Settling Back In

  1. see the picket line forms…my evil plan to get my hands on and in some of your luscious is working! PS I want a scarf too!!! That’s the cutest thing ever!

  2. I’m having my hyst and tummy tuck on Jan 7th. Would love to hear about your hyst recovery if you don’t mind taking a minute to email me. How did you feel? What kind of hyst did you have? Did you have the one with the incision or the laparascopic kind? How long before you felt better?

  3. man oh man i have been thinking about nothing but those mittens and the scarf today…i am going to have to learn to knit…which I don’t suppose is going to be easy considering no one i know who is close has a clue who to do it….hmmmm I will have to brain on this for a while

  4. *grabbing my sign and heading off to the picket line*
    Mind if I join you ladies?
    The scarg is way too adorable!!
    Great job on the plate too!

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