Cold, Wet Sunday Afternoon

101_4637 Yes, we're  beginning to think about Christmas around here.

A couple of friends and I went shopping in Colorado yesterday and there was Christmas stuff in all the stores and they were putting up the lights.

The weather was a perfect fall day yesterday:  sunny, gorgeous blue sky, blustery, leaves blowing everywhere.  I told Katherine the day reminded me of Winnie the Pooh.

Speaking of Christmas, Denise gave me a great idea to help the kids get motivated to save money for a specific purpose:  a dedicated money jar.  So here's our take on that idea.  I made one for each boy and they started saving with this week's allowance.101_4648

Also, in regards to boys getting money:  Our little Bee finally lost another tooth yesterday.  Took Daddy a good long while to figure out how to get it out and I think it hurt Bee quite a bit, but everyone's happy now and the BOY IS LOADED!  lol

A couple of years ago, Will had both front teeth missing for their annual Christmas portraits.  This year it might be Bee's turn.  (the other one is very loose.)

Been working on Christmas knitting a little bit this afternoon.  The weather today really lends itself to sitting indoors, drinking coffee and knitting:  cold and wet and dreary.  They're calling for snow the next three days.  Caught up on all the housework today, with the help of my wonderful husband and boys!  And the rest of the day I think I can relax.  Which is really nice after two trips to Colorado in as many days!     (the skinny doctor and a VERY effective band adjustment on Friday and the fabulous shopping trip yesterday.)

101_4643 Bought this while in Colorado yesterday.  I've always loved the look of Lorna's Laces on Ravelry.  The colors of this one spoke to me immediately!  Then I picked it up and saw that it was washable, another point in it's favor.  Then I read the name of the colorway:  Maple Grove…  HAD TO HAVE IT!  It's going to be a pair of lacy anklets for moi!  Not casting on though, until I finish two Christmas projects first.

I was able to start getting stocking stuffers yesterday too…  found some really cute, crafty stuff for the boys.  It was a fun day.  Spent too much money, had yummy food, enjoyed the company of two sweet friends.  Thanks, Katherine and Denise!


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