Creative Cards Homeschool Kit and some other stuff…

101_4487 I've subscribed to many card and scrapbooking kits over the years.  But this one beats them all!  I've been buying this one since July.  I believe I learned about it, via Ali Edwards blog. 

So I had 4 months worth of kits piled up.  Hadn't made the time to put them together…  until last week. 

Deena has put together some really pretty cards, with every little detail that you can imagine.  They're very special and I'm excited to start sending them out to friends and family.  The kits are so easy to put together, so quick!  Everything's already cut and printed.  It's awesome!  It's completely brought the joy back to cardmaking for me!101_4488

If you'd like to check it out, here's her address: .   That huge picture of cards that I made last week?  Most of those were previous kits from Deena.  And it really didn't take a whole lot of time to put them all together.  AND IT WAS FUN!!!  Thanks again, Deena!!

101_4491 On another fun note, the stamp club girls and I made these cute lil guys last time we got together.  My boys loved them and they're so easy to make.  There's a little chocolate mint in between the punched circles.  So I'm thinking, "How can you go wrong, giving these little spiders to kids for Halloween?"  I'm going to make them for my preschool kids.  And my little resident artist (Scotty) has already volunteered to help me!  (Should be  a fun project for Bee and I and the preschoolers will get a kick out of them too, I'm sure!)101_4573 

On the knitting front, I'm done with Clue #2 on my mystery sock.  Planning to do the heal (clue #3) today.  I had sworn off sock knitting, but this project has really gotten me excited about it again! 

I took these to work last week, thinking that I might like to knit on my lunch break…  Just can't get into the groove that quickly, though.  I've always had 30 minutes or so every afternoon too, while waiting in my car for boys to get out of school to knit.  Don't have that anymore either.  So now's the time to practice what I preach!  I've always believed that people make time to do the things that they REALLY WANT TO DO.  Even if you work all the time, if it's important to you, you'll find a way to do it.  We'll see if my theory is true…101_4543

We spent most of the afternoon at Hazel's Pumpkin Patch yesterday.  Daddy is out of town on a business trip, but Guh, Umpa, Ron and Noreen joined us.  The boys made a new friend and they had a ball doing all the activities with Noah, who we learned has the same first grade teacher as Bee had last year.  So they really hit if off and Noah stuck with us most of the day.  (His mother works at the pumpkin patch.)

I'm a little nervous about what this coming week holds for us.  Not only am I a new working mom, but I'm a single mom this week also.  With extra activites planned every single day after work and school, it's going to be a very busy week!

Monday- Cub Scout errands and little boy haircuts

Tuesday- babysitter and party at Mandy's house

Wednesday- Parent/teacher conferences

Thursday and Friday- Scouting for food (big, big time committment) and Cub Scout committee meeting…  Scott will be home late Thursday.  The boys and I are off from work and school on Friday, which I think we'll need by then… Scott has a chest CT on Friday. 

And finally Saturday-I'm going on a full day eating-out/shopping trip with friends to Fort Collins, Colorado.  I'll need this too!  lol

Told ya'.  Big, full week ahead!   


6 thoughts on “Creative Cards Homeschool Kit and some other stuff…

  1. Those cards are awesome!
    Love the little spiders too. very cute!
    That looks like a crock pot week. Fill er up at night, plug it in before you leave in the morning.
    I’ll be using mine tomorrow. mmmm love my crock pot.
    Jamie had a lung function on Wednesday. All his numbers looked good. One was a little low but only a tiny bit so the Dr. will keep an eye on it. Next appt is in 4 months.
    How is Scott’s nerve issue doing. Did it heal up ok or is he still having pain from it?

  2. I’ve been having weeks just like you outline…it keeps you running, that’s for sure! I didn’t know you had sworn off socks! Have you sworn off knitting Bella mittens for friends? 😉

  3. My pain from the surgery is all but gone. It’s still tender under my arm where they went in, and the rib joints in the front and back hurt when I cough or sneeze. But, it is much much better. No pain drugs for a while now. So that is a relief. Thanks for asking.

  4. Looking again at your spiders and thinking my Girl Scouts can make them…what kind of mint did you put inthe middle? A York-type mint, wrapped? And is that a photo-corner punch for the legs? Really cute. 🙂

  5. Hope the works is going well Tina! I’m in school every day now (still voluntary). One thing’s for sure – it’s never boring in there!
    btw…love your mystery sock. Have ripped mine as I wasn’t happy with how it was knitting up.

  6. I was a Stampin’ Up consultant for a couple of years (and a loyal customer for about 10 years before that) and have TONS of stuff stored away that I haven’t played with since we moved. I used to hold monthly stamp clubs and stamp camps at my house and they were so much fun! I forgot how much I missed those. 🙂 I normally make our Christmas cards every year, but this year I promised myself I’d just save the time/mess and buy them. But I still hope to get my goodies out and play with them at least once over the holidays. Maybe for goody bags or something. See ya Saturday! Can’t wait!

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