Yes, um, we got snow… Why do you ask?

101_4358 Ok, yes, the forecast was calling for snow.  But last time I checked it was only 30% chance…  Then Katherine said they were calling for 7 inches.  Then when we all left our knit night on Friday, it looked like a blizzard.  And when we woke up Saturday morning…  sure enough… 6 or 7 inches of new snow.  Huh, imagine that.101_4422 

We really don't expect this much snow for a few more weeks, normally.  And I think it's killed all the fall leaves around here…  My little Christmas tree looks right at home.  So it's a bummer that the fall colors are already gone.  But the boys loved it!!!



101_4371 They throw themselves into it like jumping into a swimming pool.  They make snow angels.  They pick up big handfuls of the stuff and throw it in the air, so that it floats down all over their heads.  They LOVE it!101_4405

Look at his sweet little face.  Can you tell that he's up to no good?  I could tell.  I could see his wheels turning and I stayed anyway…  What's wrong with me?

101_4407 A second later, this was coming at me.  I'm the one without snowpants.  I'm the one wearing only jeans to keep my *ss warm, carrying the expensive digital camera, with my coat still open because I was in too big a hurry to take pictures to stop and zip up…   He didn't care about any of that.  I promised revenge later.  And the camera was fine. 



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