Knitting Plans

101_4340 I certainly have big holiday knitting plans, for a woman who's going back to work next week!  I have projects sitting on my desk and more that I've just cast-on in the living room and I'm finding more patterns on Ravelry everyday…  Wow, when I get in the mood to knit, I GET IN THE MOOD TO KNIT, PEOPLE!  lol

This is the beginning of  another pair of Bella mittens.  They are so easy and fun to put together, quick and rewarding.  This pair is for my Twilight buddy, Mandy.

101_4287 This little project was a complete surprise and totally unplanned.  But since I found perfect yarn in my stash, I'm sure it was meant to happen!  This is the Socktoberfest, Mystery Sock pattern for 2009!  They only give you a piece of the pattern at a time, so you don't know what it's going to be in the end.  I think so far, really gorgeous!  This portion is clue #1.  Clue #2 has already been released, so I need to get it in gear!   This is what I needed that second pair of dpns for, Marie!  Thanks again for letting me borrow them.  I can get both socks going now!

101_4291This originally was another mystery pattern project, but when I found out that it was going to be a knitting needle holder, I decided to make it something else.101_4007


Bee has been requesting accessories for Rainbow Bump the last few weeks.  I've knit her a new, blue sweater, a pretty yellow blanket and now an orange pillow!  (formerly known as the knitting needle holder.)

I'm also 6 inches shy of finishing my Rosalie Hale scarf…  can't wait to wear that puppy!  I'll post pictures when she's finally done!

101_3936Also got a top secret baby thing in the works for a friend of mine who is expecting in February.  Don't have to start this one til after Christmas…  if I can make myself wait that long.



101_4159 Also making this for a boy for Christmas.    I'm making one in green for Bee.  Guh is making a blue one for Will.  She's already started on Will's and tells me the pattern is very fun and easy.  Cool!  I think the boys are going to love them!

Oh… and yes.  I DID mention something about going back to work.  I accepted a job at the Community Preschool, otherwise known as Here Wee Grow.  (nope, I didn't know it was part of the public school system either…  til now.)  I'll be working as a teacher's assistant, M-F, normal school hours and my work schedule will completely coincide with the boys' school schedule.  (No childcare needed!!)  I'm tickled to have this job! It just sounds perfect for me and our family at this stage!  So wish me luck.  I start on the 15th. 


4 thoughts on “Knitting Plans

  1. Busy lady! Good for you! πŸ™‚ Sorry I pooped out on knit night at Borders tonight. Did you go? By the time I made it home from work and a trip to the grocery store, I was frozen and running late and couldn’t drag myself back out in the snow. I’m just now thawing out enough to knit! πŸ™‚

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