My Favorites #3

101_4317 The first hour, after the boys get home from school is one of my favorite times of the day.  It's busy and a little chaotic, but exciting.  The boys are telling me all the cool stuff that happened at school that day, they're getting a snack and watching some t.v. and this day they decided to make art.  I usually unpack their homework folders and unload their lunchboxes.101_4080   

(little tootsie-pop has decided, in the last couple of weeks, that this is also the time that I should make doggie dinner.)101_4141 

I used to bake cookies pretty regularly, for an after-school treat.  But now that the boys are bigger and they will eat the whole plate of cookies, I don't do it nearly as often. 101_4308 

Bee and I played Bakugan today, in the middle of his creating art.












101_4324 And Dood decided to go outside and run and play.  I don't know if you can see it, but I can:  he has chocolate all the way around his mouth in this shot, having just finished the chocolate chip cookies…  lol101_4318

And look who we found in the backyard while playing.  Bee was already in the bath by now, but quickly jumped out, dried off and threw on his robe when he heard there was a "poisonous bunny" in the backyard.  (Apparently a little friend of ours had told Scotty about rabies and Scotty kind-of misunderstood and now thinks all wild rabbits are poisonous.  And as much as I tried to explain, he kept to his version of the story as the gospel…  alrighty…  Poisonous bunnies.  I get it.)   


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