Peacefully moving along…


I admit it.  I'm a doting mother.  I'm an attentive mother.  Some may call me overprotective.  Some say there's no such thing as overprotective.

I waited until later in life to have children.  I was 34 when we had our first and the "advanced maternal age" of 36 when our youngest came along. (advanced maternal age is the official medical tag that follows you when you reach the ripe old age of 35 and you're still having babies.) 

I started wanting children and wanting to be a mom almost soon as I was old enough to physically perform the task.  But I waited.  Waited for the right man.  Waited for the right time.  Almost waited too long.  (had to take fertility meds to conceive.)  But, thank you God, you saw fit to give us these two little people.  AND THEY ARE AWESOME PEOPLE! 

The love I have for my children is comparable to NOTHING!  It's so immense and so deep that it's almost irrational.  I wince at the thought of anything bad ever touching them.

That's me.  That's how I feel, straight from my heart.


2 thoughts on “Peacefully moving along…

  1. It’s plain to see that you’re a fantastic mum Tina! Glad to see you rallying after the recent crap you’ve had to deal with. I think you deserve to go out and treat yourself to more autumnal loveliness for your home!

  2. I totally understand, Tina. I always suspect that people think I’m a bit silly over my boys (and I’ve heard it more than a time or two from our families), but that’s just how it is. By the way, I saw you yesterday at the parade taking pics of your boys as they went past. You were beaming!

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