I’m so thankful that it’s over!

Back in May I was asked to come to the police station and get to the bottom of an accusation that had been made.  They said to bring Scott and both kids.  Then it was hurry up and wait.  It dragged on for weeks, with the police not willing to tell us anything while they made arrangements for social workers to attend this meeting with us…

We go in, and the officer says, "Mrs. Johnstone, don't get upset…  your son has told someone that you have been touching him inappropriately."  I was floored!!!

Turns out that our little boy had discovered that it feels good when he touches himself.  And he was doing some of that at school.  When his teacher spoke to him about it, he was embarrassed to tell her that it feels good.  She asked him if anyone else ever touches his private parts.  He was trying to stay out of trouble and he thought I couldn't get in trouble, so he told her, "yes, Mommy sometimes touches me."  So his teacher (and guidance counselor) called Child Protective Services and that started this whole nightmare.

I'm still carrying a BIG grudge.  Mostly because I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!  But also because I thought those people knew me.  I have volunteered at school before. Those people also know that this child has a history of lying…

For weeks, we didn't know what was going on, while the police got their shit together.  Couldn't find out anything, thinking the worst…  what if someone made up a story about us?  What if someone has lied to the police about something?  Can they take our boys away?  It was awful.

I just got this letter from the state yesterday, confirming that the results of the investigation completely exonerate me and that the charges were found to be completely untrue.  The letter opened up all those old hard feelings again…  I'm tired of having this secret.  I didn't do anything wrong.

So now it's out there.



4 thoughts on “I’m so thankful that it’s over!

  1. You have to remember there are people out there that seem very nice and loving that actually do awful things to their children and spouses. They were only trying to protect your children. I know it is hard to take and they shouldn’t have dragged it on for so long but it was probably put on the back burner because they didn’t think it was important to clear it up fast. I guess since I’ve seen so much when I worked I can understand their thinking. I’m glad it is finally over. I thought it was over months ago. I’m sorry you had to live with it for so long. Love and respect you as a great mother.

  2. At least it’s finally over, Tina. I’m with you, though. I would be beside myself if something like that ever happened to me! I think you’ve handled it amazingly well.

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