My Favorites, Day 2


I love trees that turn red in the fall.  One of my favorites is the Sunset Maple.  I have three of them, but I'd like 10 more!  I love Aspen too, but that's pretty much all you have in Colorado, so the red trees really stand out, for me.








We planted all three of these trees two years ago.  One is thriving and twice as big as the other two.  He just must get the perfect amount of sun and water…  Not sure…


I'm very pleased with them.   Listening to them blowing in the wind and watching them change color in the fall.  One of life's big, big pleasures!



One thought on “My Favorites, Day 2

  1. Do you get Red Maples where you are? They’re green in the summer and red in the fall.
    I love Crimson King maples. They’re red in the summer. They were my dads favs too.
    Japaneses maples look like they’re glowing in the sun.
    I reallllly want a crimson king or an oak tree in my back yard.

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