Me? Scrapbook? Imagine that…


I finally got around to playing with all my scrapbook toys again this past week! 

I especially love going through old picture files and finding something that I haven't scrapped yet…  This photo is from last fall.  He won't wear this hat that I knit for him because he thinks the ties look like "girl hair."  So I'm going to go dig out that hat right now and shorten those ties significantly!  Maybe he'll wear it this year…  Or maybe not, since Guh knit him a Star Wars hat…101_3856

This picture is current.  Just a fun shot of a little boy having fun.



101_3862 Every time I use big blocks of color, I think of Cathy Zielske.  How does she make such simple layouts look so awesome?  And she has a very funny blog.  If you'd like to check it out, go here: .101_3855 

I couldn't decide if I really wanted to use a ribbon with a frayed edge…  then I thought, what the hell, it's my scrapbook!  These pictures are also from last fall.


And this shot is two years old.  One of the first days of Kindergarten for Bee.  Just found the picture the other day and wondered how I could have NOT used it already?  Even thought it was so cute, I should make it giant!  Of course I have to admit, this layout is a complete rip-off.  Found it here: and had to have it!  Also got to use my new Stampin' Up little tree set.  I knew I would use the heck out of cute little tree stamps!


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