This Weekend


Yesterday morning, Scott and I were excited to go to the annual Fly-In Breakfast at our little local airport.

We had pancake breakfast and looked inside all the airplanes.  It was pretty cool.


But the main cool thing about this event, is that they give kids free rides in the planes!  Bee has never been in any kind of plane.  So, when we confirmed that a parent could accompany the kids, we were all pretty excited about doing it! 

Nowhere on any of the signs or the website or the information that was given to the public, did they say, "You must be at least 8 years of age to ride in the planes."  So, after telling the boys what we were going to do and getting them (and ourselves) all excited about it, we get in line and they tell us Bee isn't old enough to go.  What happened after that made Scott say to me, "You really enjoy stirring up *hit, don't you?"  (All I have to say is he should be thankful I didn't say what I was thinking!  I showed INCREDIBLE restraint and he'll never know…)


At 11am, the boys and I started selling popcorn for the Cub Scouts.  And frankly, it wasn't as easy as I had been led to believe.  I'm not  a very good cheerleader and the boys got very discouraged when roughly 80% of our neighbors weren't home and/or didn't answer their doors when we rang the bell…  So there was a lot of walking and not much selling.  I'm thinking maybe we just picked a bad time to go.  Saturday afternoon when the weather is gorgeous is maybe not the best time to expect everyone to be hanging out at home…  We've got a month.  Maybe there's still hope…


Scott stayed home and worked on the front deck, figuring out numbers and pricing materials for the pergola.  While he was mowing, I was looking at the garden.  One of my pumpkins is actually turning orange!!!


These babies have been growing fast.  So, I think maybe we'll have 3 pumpkins.  Out of 14 plants, we're getting 3 pumpkins.  Not a great ratio, but better than I originally thought…


There are a couple more little, tiny ones.  I'm pretty sure they won't be big or orange before the first freeze…

Now it's Sunday morning.  My honey just left for a business trip to Las Vegas and will be home on Thursday.  The boys are looking forward to sleeping with me this week.  Should be an interesting week…  I'll miss our Daddy…  BAD! 


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