The boys’ new project…

101_3751 Yep, we're all for child labor at our house…  (of course so is the child…  he loves helping, especially if it involves power tools.)

I wonder if I should joke around about mistreating my kids… oh, what the hell…  (more explanation on this to come later.)



101_3752 This boy is so strong!   Most of the time he doesn't know it, though. 

The current home project is in progress now and I'm so excited because I  think it's going to be really gorgeous!


The boys helped Daddy most of the weekend.  We took out a big, overgrown bush and we're replacing it with a small deck and pergola.  It'll be big enough for two chairs and I'm already thinking of planting a deep purple clematis on one side!101_3789

Then on the inside, we have a new coffee- drinking nook.  This window will look out, over the new deck.

So for now, we open up the windows and drink our morning coffee here.  In a couple of weeks, when the weather is a little cooler, we'll drink our coffee on the new deck!  (with a sweater or perhaps a pretty, hand-knit shawl!)  I have a couple of those, you know…


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