We May Get to Go Afterall…

101_3643 At 10:00 yesterday morning, the school called and asked me to come pick up Scotty.  He had been sick at school.  I feared the worst, that we would have to cancel our Labor Day plans to go to the mountains and stay home and pout all weekend in BFE…  but maybe not.  He hasn't been sick again and was able to eat dinner last night.  And he looks really cute for a sick kid…

I must admit, I was a little worried that he got sick because of a bad case of nerves.  The day before, he had brought a note home from his reading teacher.  He had gotten what they call a "refocus".  He was devastated…  completely.  He's such a quiet, shy kid at school.  And he had told me that he'd never get a refocus, "not even when I'm in the 100th grade, Mommy."  He got the refocus for not reading loudly enough, when asked to speak up.  WHAT?!?  You can get in trouble for being quiet???  I was a shy kid too and I can totally relate to the pain one suffers when thrust into performing in front of a group of people.  I wanted to rip his teacher a new one.  Fortunately the situation wasn't that complicated and he really did only have a short-lived stomach flu.100_8038

So on to more pleasant things…  I'm packing today to go to the mountains.  We're planning on driving through the National Park to go play in Grand Lake tomorrow.  And, although it seems like a while since we've been there, I look at this picture from August of 2007 and my boys look like babies, compared to now!  100_8039

I sure hope the weather is as pretty this time as it was then.  It was perfect that day.  We played in the park.100_8013 

We ate dessert first.  There's a cute, little ice cream parlor there.  Oh my gosh, look how little our boys were!!  And ignore the fact that my father looks mad.  I've come to the conclusion that that's his picture face.100_8054  

We had lunch in the car, down by the lake.

Look at that sky!




100_8053 It was a beautiful day!  Can't wait to do it all again.   I hope you have fun holiday plans too!


2 thoughts on “We May Get to Go Afterall…

  1. Oh my, who’s his teacher this year? K got a re-focus once too and it was the end of the world for him. A girl was talking to him and he was telling her to be quiet and he was the one who got caught. He was so upset. Gotta love those sweet, sensitive boys! Sam wouldn’t have cared.

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