I’m the one who puts up the Christmas tree on November 1st!

101_3597 And all this stuff goes up promptly on September 1st!  Because I love fall and I can't make myself wait another minute!101_3594

Got all our fall stuff out of storage yesterday and frankly, Scott can roll his eyes at me all he wants!  I decided years ago that September 1st was long enough to wait to get all my favorite things out again!101_3595  

Yes, alright, it's still hot outside, but not for long… (I hate to admit that even our boys, this year, wanted to know why I put out all this stuff so early.)  BECAUSE IT'S FUN, HELLO!!!!101_3601

I bet they won't complain when I serve them pumpkin cookies on my cute, little fall plate, in a couple more weeks…


3 thoughts on “I’m the one who puts up the Christmas tree on November 1st!

  1. I wouldn’t complain if you shared your recipe for pumpkin cookies with me.
    The table runner looks great! Do you have matching place mats?

  2. You are so cute and funny. I love that you start early! We put up our tree on Thanksgiving (or the day after) and a lot of people think that we’re nuts to do it that early. But like you, I LOVE fall and am already excited to catch that little bit of crispness in the air.

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