Pumpkin Grudge

101_3395 It's almost more insulting to have one pumpkin than to have gone to so much trouble and have none.  We started seeds way back in April.  By the time spring rolled around, we had 14 big, thriving plants to put outside.  They took off.  I fertilized and they flowered and grew and grew.  And out of all this…  we have one pumpkin that won't be anywhere close to ripe by Halloween… 

I'm going to try a friend's approach to pumpkin growing next year and just throw some seeds in an abandoned part of the yard and completely neglect them all summer.  She has pumpkins enough to share with all of us for her efforts.


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Grudge

  1. Our neighbours planted pupkins next to the fence this year. We had two. One went soft, The second is quite large and starting to turn orange (I’m pretty sure it’s too early for that though. Do you know if it’s suppose to turn already?)
    the third just started growning so it’s not too big yet. I’ve seen one on their side of the fence.
    I think we may try it next year.

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