Car Shopping… Again…


After 15 months of Saturn ownership, we're ready to get out!  After dealing with the completely inept customer service department  at Phil Long Saturn in Denver and even getting Saturn's corporate people involved, they have been the farthest thing from helpful that you can imagine, eventually telling us that we were on our own in getting our new Outlook repaired, even though said broken items were all still under warranty.  Also finding out that our local GM dealer will not work on Saturns was the final straw.  Having to drive your car 2 1/2 hours away from home every time something goes wrong IS wrong!  I'll miss this car.  I picked out everything, even the color, which is my favorite!  But the customer service at Saturn has been unbelievably bad!  I wouldn't recommend Saturn to anyone.101_3425

So this is my new ride.  My honey graciously agreed to let me drive his car for as long as I'd like.  I like it…  alot!  I've always loved smaller S.U.V.s and manual transmission!  Not sure why, I just think it's fun to drive!101_3418

So, with all that being said, we're shopping for a new truck.  My baby wants a pick-up.  (My Dad says every man needs a pick-up.)  Alrighty then, let's get one!  We test drove a couple different trucks yesterday.  Now we're waiting for them to get some color other than white…  (salesman says a couple of weeks.)101_3421  

Bee was a little sad this morning and told me, "The purple car wants to stay in our family forever, Mommy."  That boy gets so attached to stuff…  I explained why we don't want to keep it and assured him that a really nice family will have it again.101_3422

And Dood?  He doesn't care.  He just wants the red Camaro.


2 thoughts on “Car Shopping… Again…

  1. We bought our truck a couple months ago, and LOVE IT! It’s a Ford F-150 Super Crew and I kid you not, the backseat is HUGE! It gets pretty good mileage, and we just are pleased as punch with it!
    And your husband is right… my husband also uttered those same words… “Every man needs a truck!”

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