101_3044 Yesterday was our last day of summer break.  The boys chose what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we played at the park until they were ready to leave!101_3053

We played on the bleachers til our legs were so weak we had to drag ourselves to the car to leave…  (ok, maybe it was just me who had to drag back to the car)101_3131 

Running and jumping and I'm sure they wondered when I was going to stop them…101_3132  

Bee finally built of the nerve to try the big jump too…  When I yelled, "Be careful, Bee."  He responded, "Careful's my middle name, Mommy."











101_3109 We were happy and carefree, with no work or responsibilities weighing us down!101_3059

We pretended that we had been killed by a mean, big, bad, scary, "criminal mastermind".  (That's what Bee calls bad guys.)101_3133

It was an awesome last day of summer break!




101_3170 Then reality crept back into our bliss and school started today.



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