An Unexpected Turn of Events

101_2953 For a girl who HATED tomatoes the first 40 years of her life, I've really come around the last couple of years.

I wanted to like tomatoes, because I wanted to grow tomatoes.  I wonder if I would have loved them all along, if I had known about basil and balsamic vinegar… We used Brie instead of mozzarella, because it's what we had.   Here's our first ever Caprese salad and boy was it yummy! 

101_2943 I tried, a few weeks back, to root our lemon scented geranium.  It had really gotten big and overgrown and ugly.  So I was going to start over with clippings.  Well, it didn't go well and the clippings never rooted, they just rotted.  So I cut the ugly, overgrown plant way back, in preperation for pulling it out of the dirt and trashing it.  Then yesterday, look what I discovered.101_2945   It's coming back.  I'm not sure how, but it's sprouting new, green growth everywhere, even from the roots and there are baby leaves coming up all over.  Scott really likes this plant, (for it's strong, sweet lemon scent) so I was very pleased to see it trying so hard to live. (along with a German thyme that I thought was gone too…)


3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Turn of Events

  1. Love Caprese salad! And love the lemon geranium… I’m such a dork for plants and veggies!
    By the way, have you been drooling over the latest New Moon trailer? My husband said that my chest heaves when I watch it (whatever!). 🙂

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