Our Last Summer Trip to Colorado

101_2741 I'm not sure why, but we see lots of hot air balloons landing and taking off over my folks' new house.  There must be a great landing/taking off place nearby.  It is a real treat to get to see them and so close you can even hear them.  I used to think I'd like to go up in a hot air balloon, but since I've gotten older (and hopefully a little wiser) I've decided, "oh, why take a risk like that?"101_2755

We did a couple of fun things, just for the boys, being the last trip for summer.  We had good intentions back in May of taking them to the swimming pool lots…  but we had an unseasonably cool, wet summer and sadly, this will be the only trip to the pool this year…  They had a ball, though.101_2782

Guh and I even took them to the big, inflatable, bouncy place too!  They loved it.101_2778

They played this time with no fear, which is a little scary for their mother and grandmother to watch!  The exercise was so good for my little video game-playing boys!  I love it when they play hard!  It's good for them!101_2785

Then we negated all the exercise and went to have Happy Meals at McDonald's…  oh well.  Here's Dood, doing his best vampire impersonation.101_2791

I told you, it was a big-time, serious "boy week", including a trip to the toy department at Target and new Lego/Halo toys that Mommy assembled for the next 3.5 hours!  (and then Daddy re-assembled later, 'cause Mommy did it wrong…  but they worked just fine the way I did it too…)101_2809

I would guess that there were over 200 pieces.  Would you want to assemble the damned thing? And since then, Scott's bought the whole line of toys and put them together.  (glutton for punishment, he is!)101_2810

Then, our last couple of days, we hung out in the mountains.  I got a lot of knitting done.  I think I'm about half done with the body of my brown sweater.  Pictures to come really soon.  Peace and quiet abound up there!  And my baby joined us for the weekend.  Love that man!101_2818   I love this shot of Bee.  It shows his true colors:  happy and sweet.                                                                                                                        101_2832


The weather was cool and sunny.  101_2840   We got to go four-wheeling.  (probably my favorite mountain outdoor activity.) I love Scott to drive so I can enjoy the sites and the wind and take pictures.  This one is blurry because we were zooming by as fast as the "little red truck" would go. (Don't tell my mother.)101_2856

The boys were with us on our four-wheeling trip and each time we stopped to look around or take pictures, we switched seats, so that someone new could sit by mommy.  (I know, I'm a lucky woman!)101_2870

Scott's checking out all the lakes to see where he wants to fish later.  Didn't get to do much this time, the algae was too thick in most of the lakes…  It'll be good fishing again after the first freeze, which will probably be next month…  It's a different world up there after September, though and we don't go up there much in the winter.  We're planning one more trip over Labor Day and that will probably be it for us, for this year.  We'll miss you, 'til next summer, mountain house!


One thought on “Our Last Summer Trip to Colorado

  1. We’ve been doing the very same thing–trying to cram in one last getaway here or there before the school session starts. We just went up to my parent’s cabin near Chadron last weekend and enjoyed the outdoors, hiked, etc… and it was a nice change of pace. Where your parents live looks gorgeous!
    By the way, I think Sept. 12th will work for me. I’m about 75% sure. There was mention of needing me to work on one Saturday in Sept. but I don’t think it was that one. Keep me posted, k?

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