Before and After

101_2694 This is our laundry room before…  Our 9 year old washer had served us well, but I was ready to graduate to something bigger and redder.


101_2727 This is our laundry room now!  All cleaned up from years of a leaking dryer vent and de-cluttered with a sexy new red washer and dryer!  What would have been 5-6 loads of laundry last week, was 3 loads now!   I had no idea how much this was going to improve my life!  The new, bigger storage cabinet is awesome too and we're using every inch of it already!  (On the left is our extra frig and freezer.  I hate all the space they take up but it's so nice, especially during holiday time, to have all that extra room for refrigerator/freezer stuff.)

I was telling Scott about the t.v. commercial for these LG appliances.  It says the money you'll save on your power bill from the higher efficiency of the washer will pay for the dryer within one year.  And the way we purchased it, we have no payments or interest for a year.  So we don't have to make a payment on the dryer until after it's already paid for…  um, ok…


One thought on “Before and After

  1. I say upgrade the freezer and fridge to black and paint the walls grey. Then you’d never want to leave your sexy laundry room!

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