Us Today

101_2515 There's been lots of paperwork the last few days, getting medical bills in order and paid, creating a resume, kid on-line stuff…  It's, truthfully, been kind-of dreary. It is nice to have all the bills paid and I'm going to love my new job, right?  (when I get it…)101_2518

We bought this little gem of a bicycle in Iowa, so it's been at least 3 years ago.  And before the last 8 weeks, it had been used maybe a total of 15 times.  He's feeling the love now, every morning at 10am, so that I can watch Design, Inc. while riding!  ( I love Sarah Richardson!)  101_2519

A very colorful stack of errands to run today:  grocery list, mail, Daddy's shirts to the dry cleaners,  clothes that are now too big, going to The Salvation Army. (that last errand still makes me giddy!)



101_2525 Lunchtime at our house consisted of pb&j, ritz and/or Cheetos and a big glass of milk for the boys. 

Salad and left over chicken pasta for Scott and me…


Hungry puppies who think they should be eating lunch too…














101_2550 And finally…  dinner.  Pioneer Woman's recipe for potato bundles, summer squash, bruschetta and grilled pork chop.  (Scott had a steak.)  What a pretty dinner, huh?  I ate all but the potatoes…  not enough seasoning on them if you aren't going to eat butter and sour cream…  I'll change it up next time.  Everything else was delish!  100_5204

And now the promise of a whole new day!


2 thoughts on “Us Today

  1. I’m hoping to start work as a teaching assistant soon too! I’m about 3/4 of the way through getting the TA qualification and am already working on a voluntary basis in a local school. Hope you have success with your application!
    ps…am jealous of your extremely comfy-looking chair!

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