Twilight news!!!

Volturi Yep, the appearance of the Volturi completely lives up to my spookiest expectations!  Is that Dakota Fanning?  It's supposed to be Dakota Fanning, but she doesn't look like herself at all in this shot…  Of course red eyes might change one's appearance…Victoria

In other Twilight news, I'm completely disgusted that they've decided to re-cast Victoria in the third movie.  I guess continuity doesn't mean shit to Summit Entertainment.  Or how 'bout loyalty to the fans.  (there are quite a few of us…)  Not that it's going to keep me from going and seeing Eclipse, but seeing another face representing Victoria is going to completely take me out of it and it's gonna piss me off.  Eclipse is where Victoria really gets to shine and I'm sad for Rachelle Lefevre that she won't get to have that shining moment.  It's a bummer! 


2 thoughts on “Twilight news!!!

  1. WOW seriously that’s Dakota Fanning???
    I’m pissed to that they’re changing Victoria! Really?? Her and James were the only two I thought they got right (which may also piss YOU off and lead you to decide that we were infact NOT seperated at birth)
    The Volturi looks GREAT!!

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