I think we did a fine job!


I think this little family project came out so awesome!  (and so does Will)  It was  a group effort and I love that about it too.  The boys and I painted it and Daddy put it together and hung it Will's room.  Will and I love the shadow it casts on the ceiling too!101_2246

We had a fun, incredibly full weekend around here.  First was the Cub Scout camp on Friday and Saturday.  The boys had a ball.  The only bad thing being the big, bad, scarey thunderstorm that forced them to abandon the tent and come home at 2 in the morning.  I was so glad they came home! 101_2291 

The Scout moms put together quite an event for our boys!  There were police cars to climb around in…101_2299 

Apparently Will likes to dabble on both sides of the law…   In the first shot he's driving the police car and in the second, he's in the back seat…  (where you put bad guys…  hmmm)  Alrighty then…101_2321 

They got to get inside an ambulance and check out all that stuff…







They each got to be turned upside-down on a stretcher…






101_2338 Which, I hear, was one of the highlights of an already pretty exciting day…


Then the boys walked over to the armory and got to explore military vehicles.  I know my little boys were in HEAVEN!101_2371

Look at their happy, little faces.  I love that they had so much fun!





101_2373 The military guys actually took the boys for a ride in this car.  As they pulled away, one boy (not sure who) said, "See you in four years." 

So then camp was over in the afternoon and we went home and passed out!  The next day I got a wild hair and Scott played along…101_2399  

We decided to re-organize our store room and rearrange the basement.  This is what it looked like in the beginning.101_2397

We started the process at 11 am.  And we had done all we could do by 9:30 pm.101_2418   

It's mostly done, just finishing touches left.  Still have to tote off a trailer full of trash.  I weeded out quite a bit of stuff. (mostly toys…  don't tell anyone…)101_2426

And …(here's the Martha Stewart coming out in me) I LOVE our new, completely organized and easily accessible storeroom!  AND…  there are no toys in there, so the boys won't have an excuse anymore to go in there and mess everything up…  right, honey?!?

So, the boys and I are off to Colorado for the week, soon as I can get packed.  Scott's going to join us on Friday and we're going to celebrate his birthday down there.  Looking forward to relaxing a bit…  after the weekend we just had!  I have a spa day on Thursday with my two Colorado cousins and we're going to hit up the scrapbook stores too!  Should be fun.



One thought on “I think we did a fine job!

  1. My favorite part of this was: “I LOVE our new, completely organized and easily accessible storeroom!” That just made me chuckle. Your boys look like they had an absolute blast!
    I’m counting down the days until New Moon….

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