This is my Mad Face!

101_2186 And I'm wearing my mad face because after 10 years of marriage, my husband still doesn't know how to respond when I get a haircut!  As a matter of fact, I don't remember him EVER responding favorably…  so maybe it's just his problem… 

I've told myself, over the years, that it's better if he doesn't notice…  although that gets on my nerves too…  And maybe after 10 years of bad reactions to my changing my hair, I'm hypersensitive to negative comments…  WHATEVER. 

When he came home from work yesterday (and remember I'm feeling good about new, cute, sexy, sassy shorter hair) he gives me a look that says, "What have you done?" and then forces a little smile and tells me that I look like The Barefoot Contessa…  a short, fat lady who's at least 20 years older than me…  ALRIGHTY THEN…

I'm only barely forcing myself to speak to him today!  And frankly, I still think my new hair is cute and sexy and sassy!)


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