Paula Deen’s Magic Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanutbuttercookies It was such an easy recipe, I thought the boys would like to give it a try and boy did they have fun!  It was a little messy afterward but so worth it!  They measured everything, cracked the eggs, mixed everything and formed the balls, covered in sugar and placed on the cookie sheet.  Really the only thing I did was the oven part.  They started out pretty reluctant about the whole process, but when they saw that it was going to be a hands-on project, they were totally "into" it!

I thought the cookies were pretty good.  Excellent for kids to make and enjoy eating.  Our boys loved them.  (They aren't spectacular but they're good.  I think they'd be better made out of crunchy peanut butter.)  Here's the recipe:  .  We used real sugar, though.  I happen to believe the real thing in moderation is better than chemical substitutes.

Sadly, we were all having so much fun making the cookies, that we forgot to take pictures of the process.  That should tell you something.



2 thoughts on “Paula Deen’s Magic Peanut Butter Cookies

  1. Paula Deen cracks me up. That gal sticks butter on EVERYTHING and her arteries haven’t sealed shut yet. It’s a miracle! (But I love to listen to her talk… she makes me smile).
    It was SO good to see you earlier. Let’s not wait too long to get together again.

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